The Midnight After - 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅Van

Category: Hong Kong Movie 2014
Genre(s): Action, Crime
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Wong You-nam, Janice Man, Simon Yam, Kara Hui, Lam Suet, Chui Tien-you, Cheuk Wan-chi, Lee Sheung-ching
Director(s): Fruit Chan
On a normal night like the other nights, on the streets of Hong Kong, people who do not know each other went up on the same ride. The ride also works normally according to the roadmap like other days. But things start different when the midnight moment passes through a tunnel from which thrilling and mysterious events begin to occur. Each person on that ride faced fears that they had never expected before. From strangers, they have to rely on each other to fight together what is happening ... 阿池某夜在旺角與朋友唱完K,搭上一架通宵紅Van回大埔。當小巴駛出獅子山隧道後,再沒有見到其他人或車,整個城市彷彿只剩下這架紅Van及車上的17個人。一連串神秘事件的發生,眾人一個接一個無故死亡。
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