My Life As Loan Shark - 街坊財爺

Other name: Neighborhood Finance
Category: Hong Kong Drama 2019
Genre(s): Drama
Status: Ep25 END
Network: TVB
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Loan-shark king Kent Chang has always used underworld tactics to run his loan-shark business and employs improper methods to collect debts. Although his wife Maggie Siu has urged him to wash his hands of the business, he is unrepentant. As Kent operates his business and collects debts, he attracts the attention of detective Chris Lai. Chris, who is righteous and abhors evil, vows to fight against evil forces. One day, lightning strikes down from the sky and Kent is moved by the heavens. Since then, he has laid down the butcher's knife and used his fortune to give back to the community, becoming a "Neighbourhood Fortune Man". 「貴利王」戴金仔一直用江湖手法,經營財務放數,用不良手法追債,縱有妻朱露絲屢勸金盤洗手,仍不知悔改。金仔經營手法及追債過程中,惹來一直虎視在側的神探程宇森注視,宇森正義凜然,疾惡如仇,誓要入刀山……某天,金仔被上天感召天打雷劈,從此放下屠刀,以財力回饋社會,變成派錢的「街坊財爺」
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